Florida 1994 (U.S.A.)

Florida 1994

20 years ago I visited Florida (USA) and now I scanned the pictures for my web portal. That was 1994 and now 20 years passed away - awesome :(

Start from TXL

From Berlin (Germany) - Tegel Airport - we had a stop in Frankfurt. Frankfurt to Washington D.C. (USA) and a short flight from Washington to Tampa (USA, Florida).

Some impressions of the flight towards the USA.

Some impressions over the clouds over Florida. Unfortunately my photos of that undigital era have some problems with fingerprints - where it was possible, I touched up the quality by a painting program.

Arrived in Tampa

The skyline of Tampa Downtown (Bayshore Blvd). Tampa is on the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida. For me the Gulf side was nicer, but on the Atlantic side are places like Miami, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale etc.

I have touched up the faces of persons, because in Germay we have some restrictions by law called data protection (Datenschutz).

Universal Studios

My parents had some friends, where we stayed for a longer time and we visited the Universal Studios with them. Normally we are not very interested in such things, but the performance of the Universal Studios were very good - King Kong, White Shark, Back to Future, Earthquake, E.T., Ghostbusters etc. - awesome.

Here, King Kong and the right most picture is from White Shark. Unfortunately, with the flash I got only the information in the foreground. But the big King Kong Monkey in the background is absolutely unvisible. :(

White Shark - here one could only see a small flame, but in real it was huge...

And there was a Western Cowboy Show...

Back in the Future (Zurück in die Zunkuft) from 1984 with Michael J. Fox is a little bit like a template for films in the 80ties (Or Ghostbusters is the same). Great analog film effects.

I guess, I had a problem with the flash light. That show was awesome! You saw a film and your seat was simulating a simultaneous motion.

3 times E.T. and on the top the right picture shows the lake for the White Shark Show.

That is from the Gostbusters Show...

Some more impressions of the Universal Studios terrain.

And more impressions of the Universal Studios terrain.

Swamp Land

Swamp land near Tampa.

Swamp land near Tampa.

Tampa Downtown

Tampa Downtown.

Start of our round travel - Tampa - Fort Meyers - Key West - Miami - Jacksonville - Marianna - Panama City - Ocala - Tampa

The rental car in dangerous red color.

A huge bridge near Tampa.

Longboat Key

Longboat Key Island lays in the south of Tampa - near Sarasota.

Our resort on Longboat Key Island and some more pictures...

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island near Fort Myers.

Look from Sanibel Island towards Fort Meyers Beach.

Sanibel Island, too.


We passed the Everglades from west to east.

Wild pigs in the higher swamp lands.

Key West & Marathon

On our way toward Key West ... 42 bridges ?

We made a stop in a Motel in Marathon.

Hemmingway House in Key West.

Key West is the the southernmost point of the U.S.A.


North Miami.

I guess, this was near Fort Lauderdale.

Cape Canaverale

Satellite Beach near Cape Canaverale.

Cape Canaverale, NASA and the Rockets...

Daytona Beach and Flaglers Beach.

St. Augustine

Left picture is Flaglers Beach. From there the next stop was St. Augustine. I think, it was founded by Spain and has a fortress and other huge buildings.

I guess, that was the oldest school house in USA or in Florida - still in St. Augustine here.

The picture in the middle is still in St. Augustine - I have not the name of that cathedral or church.

The other 2 pictures had been taken in Puntas Verde near Jacksonville.

Puntas Verde

Puntas Verde Golf Club - and the nice beach there...

Last pictures from Puntas Verde. Here ended the trip at the Atlantic side of Florida and we passed Jacksonville and drove back to the Gulf side.


near Marianna

A cave - near Marianna ? We took the 10 from Jacksonville, but I have no idea where the caves had been. Today I do not know exactly whether we passed Pensacola or Panama City (Florida, USA), but some beaches like Santa Rosa Beach sounds familiar to me.

The right picture I took on St. George Island. The forest was near the cave, and I think it was near Marianna.

Silver Springs

Silver Springs State Park near Occala with the Silver River.

Silver Springs. After that we visited Manatee Springs, and went back to Tampa via Inverness (Florida).


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