This was more than just a normal journey to the swiss. It was initiated by the opportunity to participate in Professor Dr. Johners "Institutstag" at the Departement for IT in Health Care. From Berlin I took the plane to Zurich Airport and went by train via Kreuzlingen to Konstanz. The event took place at the "Villa Rheinburg", a nice mansion at the riverbank of the Rhine. The location, the presentations and the final diner at the evening - altogether a small, but recommendable event in the area of Health Care, IT and other Medical Technologies.

Next day, it was saturday, after that business event, I went to swiss by train, but first I had a little trip on the edge of the "Bodensee" ("Lake Constance"), that is a great lake in the south of germany. Austria and swiss have contact to that lake, too. From Konstanz I took a ferry to Meersburg - for a pedestrian it was much cheaper than expected (less than 5 Euro). I had a little bit bad luck, because the weather wasn `t brilliant, so the mountains were not visible. After the 10 to 15 minutes trip with the ferry, I visisted the mediaeval town "Meersburg" with the nice castle. Unfortunately I had not very much time, so after 30 minutes I had to took my bus to "Friedrichshafen". "Friedrichshafen" is a famous town, here was the Zeppline designed and fabricated. After a short delay at the habour of "Friedrichshafen", I took my train to Zurich via "Schaffhausen". From Zurich I took an other train to "Brig". Here I changed again my train and the last way I had to take the cable-car to "Bettmeralp". (Of course, there are lot of interesting places a the "Bodensee Region" more, but I had only a couple of hours to get to my destination "Bettmeralp" in the swiss)

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