That is a special valley for me, because I spent some time 20 years ago in "Saas Grund", it was a trip with the school. So this was a kind of a trip back in time. Before I visited the "Saas Valley" I went to the Swimming Center "Brigerbad" with a thermal spring and several pools and so on (there I lost a lot of time and my timetable was crushed).

In the afternoon I took the bus to "Saas Amagell". I spent some time in "Saas Grund" and realized that very much of that place looked like 20 years ago, back in the era of the early 90s. A very nice emotion. After a short while I took the next bus to "Mattmark", that is the end of the "Saas Valley" and there is an artificial lake. I decided very fast to go back with the same bus, because the weather looked very bad and so I had just a short look over the dam.

On my way back to "Brig" and to my hotel at "Bettmeralp" I visited the building of the "Stockalper" in "Brig". It is a kind of castle or palace. The "Stockalper" were very important and rice european trader in the 17th century.

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