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This page is still under construction, but I have already insert some pictures from the palace Charlottenburg and Pfaueninsel in Berlin, palace Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, palace Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin.

Schloß Charlottenburg - a palace in Berlin

The following pictures show the palace Charlottenburg, the park and some other palace buildings. The palace is about 10 to 15 minutes apart from station "Zoologischer Garten" in the City West. You might get there with the bus M49 or by subway "Richard-Wagner-Platz" and a little walk.

Pfaueninsel in Berlin and near Potsdam

The following pictures show the palace Pfaueninsel, the park and some other buildings on the island. You find the island near "Glienicher Brücke" on the district "Wannsee" in the southwest of Berlin near Potsdam.

Schloß Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel

"Kassel" is a town in the middle of Germany with a nice palace. The palace plant extends from the plateau with the town "Kassel" towards a little mountain range with a beautiful forest called "Habichtswald". To the palace belongs a very interesting water fountain plant and the "Herkules". Unfortunately was the building with the "Hercules" in a renovation process.

Schloß Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin

Palace Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin ...

Castle Hohensalzburg on the Mönchsberg over Salzburg (Austria)

I had not the time to visit the huge castle on the Mönchsberg, but next time I will do it. Salzburg is a very interesting town:

Mönchsberg, Kapuzinerberg and the river Salzach are characteristic for that very historic town...

More pictures of the beautiful Salzburg - look here Salzburg 08/2014...

Schloß Münichau near Kitzbühel (Austria)

Small palace Münichau near Kitzbühel and Kirchberg ...

More pictures of the beautiful region - look here Kitzbühel 08/2014 - tour by bike, Kitzbühel 08/2014 - tour to Seidl-Alm, Kitzbühel 08/2014 - tour by bike and Kitzbühel 01/2010 - Skiing, Streif etc..

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