Lake Constance (Austria/Germany/Swiss)

Flight from TXL towards Palma de Mallorca

On my flight towards Mallorca (Spain) from Germany I passed the Lake Constance...
Flight height was 10.000 m and I took the images from a HD Video System, but not in a superior quality.
The window of the plane and sun light reduced the image quality, but for an overlook it should be acceptable... The last pictures show the Rhine near Schaffhausen with its water fall.


Here you can watch the pictures from my journey 2011 to Kreuzlingen, Konstanz and Meersburg:
Konstanz (Germany) and Kreuzlingen (Swiss) near Kilometer 0 of the Rhine.
Look in direction train station of Kreuzlingen (Swiss).
The bridge over the Rhine in Konstanz.
Here the ferry to Meersburg (Germany).
Meersburg and Island Mainau.
Castle Meersburg.
Castle Meersburg.
Village Meersburg.

Rheinfall near Schaffhausen (CH)

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