Mont Blanc

Flight from Palma de Mallorca back to Germany

On my flight back we crossed the Mont Blanc and I took some nice pictures... The page is still in progress, because I don`t know exactly which one is the Mont Blanc. But it give a nice impression of that mountain range, which includes the highest european mountain Mont Blanc. It is also a border between France and Italy. Two minutes after we had passed the Mont Blanc on the right handed window side the Matterhorn was visible, but I had no possibility, because I had a seat on the left side. 5 or 10 minutes later the "Lake Geneva" appeared.

Flying over Mont Blanc and Mont Maudit from Southwest towards Chamonix ...

Aiguille du Midi

Awesome - looks very bizarre. Mountain station Aiguille du Midi - the start is in Chamonix.

The ski trail looks very challenging.

Lake Geneva - Border between France and Swiss

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